Best SEO Services 2021



Whether SEO is your daily activity or you need it occasionally, you can't do without automated
services to perform a number of routine operations.

And that's what we're talking about in today's selection.

Pastukhov Bases: database of keywords / search queries is a professional and up-to-date tool for those who work with keywords. The volume
of databases is impressive, but thanks to filters and selection you can get the necessary lists of search
queries in a convenient form.

You can take a look at the databases and their descriptions right on the main page.

2. AnalyzeThis: an analyzer of updates is a service that displays data both on domestic (Yandex and Mail) and foreign
(Google) search engines. Users can also select a period for analysis.

3. bukvarix: keyword phrase collection – with this service you can pick up keywords from a large database of search queries. In
addition to keyword selection (simple – by one keyword and extended – by list), here you can do
analysis of domains (including competitors' SN) and also use tools such as normalizer, deduplicator,
word analyzer etc.

4. serpstat: competitor analysis – Used to attract visitors from organic and paid search, improve content and increase
the effectiveness of website optimization actions.

You can't say it's a perfect analysis, because the list of competitors includes a public and website of
the web resource you're looking for, but for each entry you can see a list of keyword phrases.
Unfortunately the service is not free, there are limits in the trial version.

5. Robots-checker: check the correctness of the robots.txt file is a validation service that reviews the syntax of a robots.txt file to see if the
content is correct, as set by the Robot Exclusion standard.

This line-by-line analysis shows if there are any errors in the file. If the site is not configured
robots.txt, the service will show the entry ERROR: File doesn't exist.

6. Linkpad: search for backlinks – service contains ready-made solutions for working with links: search links, website
promotion system "Seotraf" and "Link Exchange".

Very useful feature – export results to a table format CSV.

Businessman Pressing Touchscreen Online Marketing Button

7. Serphunt: a service to check the positions is a service to evaluate, analyze and monitor sites. Analysis of the positions of Sergei
Smirnov's blog by

Service can also check the position of the site in Google search results, but this is possible only after

8. SeoGenerator: generator of anchors, texts and titles is a convenient and fast tool for generating texts, anchors and titles. Primarily
SeoGenerator is intended for SEO optimizers, because it saves a lot of time in routine operations,
which are an integral part of any optimizer's work.

For example, you often need to do a text rewrite. And in this case the tool "Synonymizer" will help.
This is how the result of its work looks like:

Obviously, the resulting text should be finalized, but the material for the work of the rewriter he is
quite able to provide.

9. PR-CY: to obtain the SEO characteristics of the site – service for the generation of unique titles contains a number of useful features, allowing
them to create the most understandable and readable. With the service you can not only generate
unique titles and descriptions for directories, but also create anchors for links, which are already
enclosed in HTML.

The screenshot shows only part of the analysis. You can also find data on search engines, traffic, links
to the site, optimization, as well as technical data and recommendations on the usability (usability) of
the site.

10. XML-sitemaps: sitemap generator – provides a free online sitemap generator service that creates
an XML sitemap that can be sent to Google, Bing and other search engines to help them better index
your site.

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