How to increase YouTube views, start with YouTube SEO optimization


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Creators who are starting YouTube for the first time, and those who are worried
about how difficult it is to increase YouTube views at some point, please pay
attention. What if you are in a situation where you are worried that the number of
YouTube views will decrease rather than increase even if you work hard to create
content? Check if you are doing well in YouTube SEO optimization.
From YouTube algorithms to YouTube SEO methods and useful tools! Now that
you've put it all together, you can end your worries about raising YouTube views
through this article today.

1. Understanding the YouTube Algorithm
The YouTube algorithm is not designed to increase the number of views of your
video, but to find the right video for your viewers. In other words, it's important to note
that the YouTube algorithm isn't about promoting your video, it's about keeping your
viewers satisfied in the long run, making them continue to use YouTube.
According to this goal, the priority of the YouTube algorithm has changed as follows.
2011: clicks and views
2012: Watch time
2015-Today: Viewer Satisfaction
When videos were ranked based on the number of clicks and views, the search
results that the viewers wanted could not be exposed as a result due to many bait
titles. I did.
Therefore, the top priority of the current YouTube algorithm has become the degree
of satisfaction users feel for the content. And there are a lot of factors to this: watch
duration, comments, subscriptions, etc. It's not just because it's fashionable for many
YouTubers to shout 'Okay that's good' at the end of the video.
So, what are some YouTube seo optimization methods that can help increase my
YouTube views by satisfying the YouTube algorithm?

2. How to SEO YouTube

1) YouTube keyword analysis

Similar to Google SEO, keyword analysis that can accurately catch users' needs is
essential when doing YouTube SEO. Keywords discovered through sufficient
research are added to the title, description, and tags when uploading video content,
and YouTube collects this information to rank the content at the top. There are three
ways to analyze YouTube keywords.

web design search bar 3d illustration modern isometric

Utilizing the YouTube search word auto-complete function window: If you use the
search term auto-complete function window in the YouTube search box, you can find
out which YouTube keywords are commonly searched for by people, and this will
give you a new idea for creating video content.
Benchmarking famous channels: Visiting the most famous channels in the content
field you want to challenge and analyzing what keywords they use in the content will
help you create your own content.
Utilize various YouTube keyword analysis tools: Below you can find information about
various YouTube SEO tools, including YouTube keyword analysis tools.

2) Title, description, tag optimization
After you have identified the keywords you need for your channel through YouTube
Keyword Research, you need to optimize your YouTube SEO by applying these
keywords to the title, description, and tags of your video content. Each optimization
method is as follows.
Title First, set the title to about 70 characters, so that the most important keywords
are exposed in front. It’s even better if it includes numbers, such as ‘7 Tips to
Increase Your YouTube Views’. Studies show that over 90% of top-ranking videos
contain at least some of the target keywords in their titles. Including keywords in your
title is a very important YouTube SEO task.
Meta Description A meta description is a description of a video's content, helping
YouTube and Google better understand the context of that video. Depending on the
device, about 120 characters are exposed at a glance, so it is recommended to set
the number of characters appropriately. Always include important keywords at the
beginning, and including links to other videos on your channel will also help YouTube
Tags It is recommended to use short, broad keywords of 1-2 words and long, specific
keywords of 3 or more words together. If 'YouTube Views' is the former keyword,
then 'Raise YouTube Views' is the latter. You need to think about how viewers will
find your content and choose the right keywords. Also, tags should be added in order
of importance.

It is important to note that good YouTube keywords should not be used excessively
or unnaturally. Basically, it is important to keep in mind that the YouTube algorithm
works for the satisfaction of the viewers.
3) Inducing audience participation
Research has shown that metrics that can indicate viewer engagement, such as
viewer comments, likes, video shares, and subscriptions, play an important role in
ranking videos at the top. Because how viewers react to your videos determines
whether they stay on your site or not, the YouTube algorithm is forced to always

focus on viewer engagement metrics. The most important factors to consider for this
are watch duration, comments, and subscriptions.
Watching Duration A video with a viewing duration close to 100% means that the
video contains the content that viewers want, so it is more likely to be selected by the
YouTube algorithm. This means that, in the end, your video has to be quality content
that will satisfy your viewers.
Comments Comments are the easiest to see and the most reliable indicator of viewer
satisfaction. When a viewer leaves a comment on a video, it shows their willingness
to interact with the channel. Therefore, channel managers should strive to encourage
viewers to actively comment on their videos.
Number of Subscribers Finally, as is widely known, the number of subscribers is also
very important for YouTube SEO or the growth of your channel. Just adding content
that encourages viewers to subscribe to the end of your video can make a big

4) Use attractive YouTube thumbnails
YouTube thumbnails play a huge role in driving viewers to click. You can capture a
scene within a video, but you can also create and upload a separate image. A high-
quality YouTube thumbnail image with a close-up of your face can significantly
increase your click-through rate.
It's good to remember that images that visually represent important keywords can be
the ideal YouTube thumbnail.

5) Mention keywords in the video
It's quite obvious, but it's easy to overlook. When you talk about keywords in the
video, the keywords can appear in captions and lines, and you can get a good
YouTube SEO score. However, it's important to keep in mind that you should use
your keywords naturally so you don't overuse them.

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